Understanding Backgammon Setup

Backgammon is one of the many casino games that have undergone many revisions over the years. The game has been in existence for more than a long time that it can be regarded as a universal game. Many people love the opportunities that backgammon gambling provides in both a regular game and high stake backgammon tournaments played worldwide. However, if you are a backgammon newbie, one of the many things that you must learn is the basic backgammon setup as well as the rules of the game.

Learning backgammon setup includes understanding the layout of the backgammon board. The game is divided into region playing areas separated by a bar. The outer board is located on one side while the inner board is on the other. Your aim is to become the first player to move all checkers to your home board and afterwards proceed with the last stage of the game which is to bear off all the pieces in the board.

A typical backgammon setup has 24 points represented by triangles with alternating colors and are spread out among 24 points containing 6 points each. You advance your 15 checkers towards these points based on the number appearing on the dice. You cannot land on a point which is occupied by two or more checkers of your opponent. This is known as a blot. On the other hand, if only one of your opponent's checkers is on a point, you can occupy that position and that checker will be placed on the bar between the two playing sides. This is known as a hit. These are the accepted rules of backgammon.

Now, for the backgammon setup. You need to position a couple of checkers on the 24-point, five on 13-point, three on the 8-point and five on the 6-point. The positioning of the checkers is the same for your opponent. When playing online, the backgammon setup is arranged automatically so that you would not have to go through the tedious task of arranging the checkers.

When using software to play online, the backgammon setup is shown as a three dimensional model with high resolution graphics. It provides a touch of the real thing and the layout of the board is similar to the real thing. Once you have been accustomed to the virtual environment, you can easily take advantage of the many perks of online backgammon such as indulging in free casino games or playing for real money.