13/9 6/5 Play for the Four-One Opening Roll - By playing 13/9 6/5 for an opening roll of four-one you are taking some risks. This play is really wonderful if you are able to pull it together and get away with it after the opening roll. Remember to weigh the risks and check that against the strategic possibilities before playing 13/9 6/5 on a four-one opening roll.

Act Like An Expert In Online Backgammon - Online backgammon is no different from the actual board game. Online backgammon provides 24/7 opponents, schools and incentives so one has no limitation in playing the game. A player should only know how to find the right backgammon website for him where he can play and train.

Backgammon Basics: Defensive Strategy - Your backgammon game plan won't be complete without a defensive strategy. Making points on the board and getting better coverage are great elements of effective defensive strategy in backgammon. Make sure to maintain a balance of offense and defense whenever you play backgammon.

Backgammon Instructions on Prime Positioning - Backgammon instructions help us reach our goal much quicker. They delimit our moves and yet at the same time help us position for better maneuvering strategies. Backgammon instructions in some ways also help us delimit the opponents moves. Knowing how to use them to our advantage, backgammon instructions can position us points closer to a backgammon win.

Backgammon Tactics: Making Points - In order to achieve a victory in backgammon, a player should also be able to achieve certain short-term goals. Making points on the backgammon board is one tactic that one can apply to obtain positional advantage. Players who are able to orchestrate this tactic have a better chance of winning in backgammon.

Getting That Online Backgammon Experience - Our backgammon playing experience has really been changed by computers and the Internet. With the advent of backgammon gaming servers, we now have many playing options open to us as we pit our skills and luck with anyone in the world.

How Not to Move Backgammon Checkers - Learning how to play backgammon - particularly, moving checkers - can easily be understood if we were told what not to do in the game. See three simple instructions on how not to move backgammon checkers in the way the dice roll dictates a landing point, the direction of checker movement, and where not to land your piece on the backgammon board.

Online Backgammon Tournament - A lot of people are always looking for fun and excitement. Most traditional backgammon players are now switching to online backgammong because of the challenge it brings by means of backgammon tournaments.

Strategies to Ensure Wins in Backgammon - Backgammon is a game of chance and skill. Gamblers develop strategies to open opportunities to raise stakes in backgammon. Improving one's probability of winning in backgammon requires the efficient use of these strategies.

Tactical Features of Primes in Backgammon - A prime is a series of blocking points arranged in a row on a backgammon board. The length of a prime determines its tactical strength. Knowing exactly when to double when a prime is in place is an important part of backgammon tactics.

The 13/8 6/5 Opening Play - The 13/8 6/5 play for the five-one opening roll is a play that's more like a gamble with a huge payout. Be prepared for a fight when you do a 13/8 6/5 play for the five-one opening roll in backgammon.

The 24/18 13/9 Backgammon Opening Play - The 24/18 13/9 backgammon play is a wonderful option for the six-four opening roll. 24/18 13/9 is a balanced approach developing both sides of the backgammon board. This backgammon play also takes on considerable risk during the game.

The Attraction of Backgammon - It is quite astounding how backgammon made the transition from a simple board game to an online game. Backgammon is extremely popular among players all over the world. Even young children can learn backgammon at a very young age.

The Benefits of Playing in Backgammon Tournaments - Backgammon tournaments provide people with numerous opportunities to win and make money. Online poker players are lured into backgammon gambling because it offers more benefits compared to poker tournaments.

Understanding Backgammon Setup - A typical backgammon setup has 24 points divided into 4 quadrants of 6 points each. Online backgammon provides the convenience of not worrying about the backgammon setup as the checkers have been automatically arranged.

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