Backgammon Tactics: Making Points

The theme of backgammon is indeed a race - the first player who clears all checkers off the board wins the game. This concept behind backgammon is really easy to understand and will be quite challenging as it is. But there are other elements to a game of backgammon other than that of a race, and that makes this a truly interesting game.

Part of the challenge in a game of backgammon is to block off your opponent and make it harder for opposing checkers to run off to home. This is a tactic that both players take advantage of to secure their victory. And, since both backgammon players use this tactic, the game becomes more interesting as the challenge moves on forward.

Making points on the board can be considered as short-term goals that need to be achieved before even hoping to get to the long-term goal. A successful player should be able to develop a strong position to make full use of this tactic. It requires positional knowledge or in other words a technical know-how of which positions give the most advantage during a backgammon game.

One precaution is that you should develop your checker position with patience. Don't be in too much of a hurry to take control of the strategic locations that you leave backgammon checkers open to assault. Remember to make each anchor in turn, nevertheless there are certain things you can do to quickly make use of this backgammon tactic.

The fastest method of making points is through slotting. The easier way of making points on the board is to roll a double. Slotting is a rather risky way of making points on the board while making points when you roll a double is really safe (since you already make a point as you use it). When you slot a point, you place a checker on a desired location, and then you cover it with another backgammon checker in your next turn. This method of making points, though risky, is really faster than waiting for a double roll.

Another tactic derived from making points is to build a prime (a series of consecutive points made on the backgammon board). The longer you build your prime, the harder it is for your opponent to jump over it. It would take some forward planning before you can build a prime during a backgammon game.

Making points on the board is an intermediate goal for any player to achieve the ultimate goal in backgammon (i.e. to win). Take time to practice slotting or making points when you try this backgammon tactic.