Act Like An Expert In Online Backgammon

Internet is the best if one wants to play an online backgammon. There is no need for players to sit together and face each other. Sometimes, the players could be at each side of the globe or a backgammon human player is playing versus the computer.

In playing online backgammon, one has to choose the online backgammon site for him. There are many online sites. It is suggested that a new backgammon player starts with an established site that offers online backgammon for money and for fun. In case the player is not very fluent in speaking English, he must play on a site that has translated instructions of his language.

One should consider using search engines such as Google and evaluate whether the online backgammon site is professional. A backgammon website is professional if it has games for fun and for money, backgammon schools, customer support contacts, and FAQ's. If one is very skeptic, posting a fake question will do the trick. If the website responded then the website has higher possibility that it is a professional backgammon website.

Once a player is very sure that the website is authentic, he can start downloading the software and fill up the account information with email address as the only personal detail to give. Never give details of credit card.

As a new backgammon player, he should learn the rules of backgammon. The rules of online backgammon are no different from offline games. All backgammon websites have articles on how to play backgammon and has articles stating backgammon rules.

Many of the professional backgammon websites have backgammon schools. It is strong suggested to attend these schools so that a newbie will quickly learn playing backgammon. In a school, the computer gives ideas which are the best moves for every result of the dice. After attending the school, a player may start playing versus a real person. At this point, he plays for his fake money. Usually after registration, the online backgammon player is given with the default minimum points.

Every time the player has won a match, he gains additional points which depend on his opponent's level and the agreed points prior the beginning of the match. The player's points determine his level. Sometimes, the online backgammon website allows a player to enter into "rooms" without any charge so he can play with other players.

If a player is trained very well and feels confident with his skill, he can play using real money. Online backgammon sites accept majority of credit cards because the game of backgammon is not labeled as gambling. The website collects a payment (in percentage) from each winner of the matches. Normally, the collected payment is higher if the player's level is higher. This serves as an incentive for backgammon players to create and to maintain their own group.

Online backgammon does not need to replace the actual board game. The best online backgammon players are also the best in playing the physical board game. Online backgammon will not provide the nervousness of throwing the dice or seeing the face of the opponent when doubling a cube.