The 13/8 6/5 Opening Play

There are two favorite plays for the five-one opening roll in backgammon. Backgammon players already have a general consensus as to how to play the five. The next question is how do we play the one in this opening roll. We'll take a look at an approach to this opening roll that uses the 13/8 6/5 play for the five-one opening roll. We'll check out what strategic advantages we can get out of this backgammon play.

If we decide to slot the five-point (i.e. by playing 6/5) then the only logical alternative to play the five in this opening roll is to bring down a checker from the mid-point. We then hope to secure the five point in the our next turn.

Slotting the five-point in backgammon usually has its own advantages and its disadvantages as well. This is especially true if we make the slotting action early in the opening roll. The five-point is a necessary position in backgammon any day. By controlling this point you have achieved a lot of necessary goals in backgammon.

First advantage of owning your five-point in backgammon is that you already have a point on your home board. This helps a lot later in the game as a staging area to contain and hit enemy checkers stuck on your home board. By making the five-point you deny your opponent the chance to harass your checkers. If your opponent takes control of the five-point, any checker crossing over to your side of the backgammon board is within firing range.

Slotting the five-point by doing 13/8 6/5 in the opening roll helps to ease the load on the already burdened six-point. You are taking steps to achieve a flexible position in backgammon by doing 13/8 6/5 in the opening roll.

The tough side to slotting the five-point early in the opening roll is that you're gearing up for a struggle for that crucial backgammon point. Your blot on the five-point will get hit and you should expect it in backgammon. The only consolation is that if that backgammon checker does get hit in the opening roll, then take solace that it's really early in the game and you can still enter that checker easily and get back at your opponent.

The slotting action by doing a 13/8 6/5 play in backgammon is aggressive by nature. It is risky but the rewards are big if you come out the winner in the exchange.

The 13/8 6/5 play for the five-one opening roll is a gamble with a huge pay back if you are successful. If this play fits your playing style then you can use it to your advantage in backgammon.