13/9 6/5 Play for the Four-One Opening Roll

Slotting the five-point during the opening roll is a great move if you can get away with it. As always, when you slot a point in backgammon you will be taking some chances and be involved in a certain amount of risk. The 13/9 6/5 play for the four-one opening roll does this very thing and it also does involve an amount of risk when played

Playing 13/9 6/5 used to be the favorite among backgammon players for the four-one opening roll. This just shows that there'll be times when backgammon players may take on a different preference and opinion. The idea behind this play is to slot two points on your side of the backgammon board and quickly make points before your opponent does.

When you do so you should be prepared to face a struggle for the points to be contested. This is also where the risk comes in for this opening roll. The only question is will you be willing to take that risk in exchange for the strategic advantage that you might gain at the opening roll?

The risks also come from the fact that you have two blots on the backgammon board and are within range of enemy checkers. That is one hard truth we all have to face if we play a four-one opening roll as 13/9 6/5. Any of those two blots are vulnerable if your opponent makes a four, a three-one, six-two, double one, double two, five-three, double four, and double two. The biggest risk is that you can get both blots hit early in the game (a pretty bad way to start a backgammon game).

There are other opening rolls that let you slot the five-point on your own home board. Slotting the home board is indeed reasonable and is a great way to make an opening roll if you can get away with it. Among these opening rolls, a four-one opening roll is second in rank when it comes to risks involved. A two-one opening roll is still a better opening roll considering the risks.

Your nine-point slot on the backgammon board opens up a lot of opportunities to build a point on your home board. That is a great consolation to the risks involved. Plus, your five-point slot serves many strategic options if you are able to make it.

Doing a 13/9 6/5 play for the four-one opening roll involves risks. If you're the gambling type, then this is a great option for you in backgammon. Remember to weigh the risks involved and the benefits you can get when you make this play for the four-one opening roll.